“Charity, patience and tenderness are very beautiful gifts. If you have them, you want to share them with others.”

-Pope Francis

Karidat shares in the social ministry of the Catholic Church, providing a Christian witness of this ministry at the institutional level.

Our Mission



We are committed to assisting people of all economic backgrounds to address problems arising from personal or family problems, external circumstances, or interpersonal conflicts.



We are committed to helping people in the community organize to effectively address their own needs as a collective.

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We are committed to speaking out on behalf of our clients who are being treated unjustly or not accorded their full rights. This means advocating for individuals, as well as advocating for just social policy in our community.

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Mon - Thu  From 9am to12pm
Closed : Fri - Sun
Bldg. 3119 Sister Remedios Community Center, Chalan Kanoa


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